Digital activation at the opening of Galeries Lafayette Shanghai

For the grand opening of Galeries Lafayette department store on October 25th in Shanghai, Phoceis by Ineat was responsible for organizing the multiple digital activities for opening. As part of the project, we came up with the idea of taking photos with the 3D printing of Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann Dome but with a glass walk effect. After taking the photos, the user can get his/her picture from an H5 page in WeChat.

Galeries Lafayette Shanghai 

Haussmann Pop-up Event

From October 15th to November 14th

 3D Printing of Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann Glass Walk

The pop-up stand is composed of the stage and the touch screen

To start the photo session, the user click on any area off the touch screen to launch the timer for the photo-taking and then stand on the stage right beneath the camera on the glass-walk painting. After 15 seconds count-down, the touch screen will display their photo for preview. They can retake the picture as needed.

User takes a photo

After users confirms their photo, they need to scan the QR code displayed on the touch screen to follow Galeries Lafayette WeChat official account and reply with the 6-digit code displayed on the touch screen to download the pictures they just took. Users can also share his/her photo to their friends to inform them about this exciting event!

Preview of the photo

Everyone who participated in this event are enrolled in the lucky draw for two business-class round-trip tickets that are provided by Air France!

This achievement appeals to the social media generation in China and celebrates 120 years of authentic Parisian fashion by bringing Galeries Lafayette Haussmann store in Paris to its sister store in China’s most magnificent city – Shanghai.

The objective of this digital activation is to promote Galeries Lafayette’s lengendary Haussmann flagship store in Paris by re-creating its unique glasswalk experience and its beautiful coupole but with a challenge: it has to be right on the ground floor of Galeries Lafayette in Shanghai.

On the stage, a huge 3D painting creates the illusion that people are standing on the glasswalk of Haussmann store in Paris. A camera placed on the coupole of the stand then takes pictures from a top to bottom perspective, allowing people to memorize this social media-worthy illusion and unique experience!


Galeries Lafayette Grand Opening Project

H5 Mini-game 

From October 15th to November 16th

Phoceis by Ineat also developed an H5 mini-game for Shanghai store. Users need to scan the QR Code Galeries Lafayette official account to receive a campaign link in order to access the puzzle mini-game.

Users then have to unlock every pieces of the puzzle by scanning different QR codes placed at different location in the department store. The information is displayed in the H5 page.

When all the pieces of the puzzle are collected, users can redeem a reward!

The objective of this digital activation is to promote Galeries Lafayette new department store in Shanghai by bringing traffic to different parts of the mall. To achieve that, Phoceis by Ineat developed an H5 mini-game in the form of a puzzle to provide information about the different brands to the users but also to give them the chance to win some cool rewards if they assemble the entire puzzle.

Its hunting season!

Located in Shanghai’s Lujiazui Area in Pudong, the city’s financial centre-turned-fashion-hub, the new store spread across 25,000 m² on four storeys and showcases fashion from around the world. Furthermore, the new Shanghai store includes domestic designer brands too, which differentiate it from its Parisian counterpart.

The event is set to last until November 16th

Come visit and get a chance to fly to the capital of fashion ! 

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