[REMOTE YEAR] Work and travel around the world with Yannick from Ineat Canada

How to work and travel at the same time? Get the answer with a 12 months 12 different countries excursion with Yannick Carlier on Remote Year

Computers and travel have always been two of my passions. Since 2010, I have been working on combining them through various expatriations in IT project management in foreign countries such as China, Brazil and Canada.

But the program I will talk about in this article goes even further: this time it is no longer an expatriation, but a digital nomadic life!

My role at Ineat

As a Delivery Manager at Ineat Canada in Montreal, I am responsible for everything that comes out of our development center. In coordination with a team of project managers, we ensure that our projects are delivered on time and with excellent quality. Furthermore, I am in contact with our customers as I participate in prospecting and partnership meetings, while being an escalation point for our service center which is in charge of support and maintenance of our applications in production.

Remote Year

Remote Year is a service agency for digital nomads. The only entry requirements are to have a job and to be able to work remotely. Remote Year manages all the logistics, including flight tickets, airport transfers to city center, Airbnb type accommodation, functional workspaces (printers, meeting rooms, Wi-Fi, etc.) but also up to two cultural activities per country.

The beautiful skyline of Santiago

Just like that, I flew on August 24th to my first destination in Santiago, Chile. That is just the first destination as part of a long journey which will allow me to discover numerous cities worldwide which are respectively Lima in Peru, Medellin in Colombia, Mexico City in Mexico, Hanoi in Vietnam, Chiang Mai in Thailand, Kyoto in Japan, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Split in Croatia, Lisbon in Portugal, Valencia in Spain, and finally Cape Town in South Africa.

Assumingly, I did not start this journey alone. We are a group of 25 people from all walks of life. Aged between 23 and 54 years old, we are project managers, business analysts, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, developers, sales representatives and have nationalities such as French, English, American, Australian, Brazilian and Czech. A real multicolored group that will travel together for 1 year!

Our first group picture in Santiago, Chile

Working conditions

Working remotely with your team, it certainly takes resources and a good organization. I will have the opportunity to talk to you about this in a future article but in the meantime, here is a short video tour of my new office for the month of September.

Ineat + Remote Year = ?

To go even further, I asked myself what will I be able to do in addition to my duties as a Delivery Manager? Our Co-Founder President Yves Delnatte told me in a funny way, 12 countries, 12 new agencies!

12 agencies are certainly not possible. But what about one? A dematerialized service center composed of telework resources around the world. I imagine projects that can be developed and supported continuously 24 hours a day with a team that responds to all time zones.

Is that a crazy idea? What are the issues at stake? What are the constraints? Honestly, I don’t know yet… But I’m leaving with my backpack challenging these ideas. I will know the answer in a year.










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Thanks again to Ineat for this incredible adventure!










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