What is Golden Week in China ?

Approximately 726 million Chinese people travelled during last year’s Golden Week in China, including 7 million people abroad only.

What is Golden Week?

“Golden Week” is the name given in the People’s Republic of China to two weeks of annual holidays granted by the government from 2000 onwards.

Spring Festival’s Golden Week (or Chinese New Year) begins in January or February, depending on the date of the Chinese New Year.
National Day‘s Golden Week begins on October 1st and last until the 7th.
October 1st is an important day in China as it is the National Day which celebrates the founding date of the People’s Republic of China by Mao Zedong back in October 1, 1949.

This year’s National Day celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the founding date of PRC.

National Day in China is synonymous with military parades, presidential speeches, festivities and trips throughout the country or abroad, but above all it is a period of paid holidays for all.
It is also a commercial event widely used by retailers who are cutting prices during this holiday week.

Internationally, it is the ideal time for retailers who want to attract Chinese customers when they are travelling, visiting airports, shops and various malls in European capitals.

Although the top travelling countries for Chinese people during Golden Week 2018 were mostly Asian countries, European countries are getting more attractive for Chinese tourists in contrary of the US. France, Germany, Italy and Spain all saw an increase in terms of Chinese tourists spending compared to previous years.

Source: United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

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