Weibo launches new social media app: Oasis

Sina Weibo, the most popular micro-blogging website of China has launched this month a brand-new social media mobile application called Oasis which allows users to share, create, and discover multi-media content online. The application positions itself as the social media platform made for young people who are interested in food, travel, fashion and lifestyle.

–A little bit like Instagram or Little Red Book.

The core functions of Oasis are very similar to the ones of its counterparts:

–      There is a feed on the homepage of the app which allows the display of content, users can also discover similar content based on their interests.

–      Users can create their own page and customize their profiles but also engage with others people by liking, commenting or sharing posts.

In contrary, Oasis app does not integrate some functions such as e-commerce yet:

–      The app allows users to tag brands on their posts, but it does not have e-commerce functionalities.

–      There are no ads within the app as it is the case for Instagram and RED.

–      Users cannot sign up without an invitation code sent by their friends.

A particularly new feature introduced in Oasis is the “Water Drops” system which allows users to exchange their drops with members-reserved items or to give out drops to their favorite bloggers to higher their rankings within the app. Those water drops can be obtained by inviting more friends to the social media or by posting updates.

By integrating weibo’s main micro-blogging system into this new application, users can simultaneously post the same content on both platforms in order to gain exposure.

This application is the latest attempt of Sina Weibo to enter the social commerce industry in China. They will likely integrate more e-commerce-oriented features if ever it gains traction.

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