China Connect Paris 2019 – We were there [Summary]

This year’s China Connect gathered more than 40 experts from various industries such as Luxury, Cosmetics, Fashion, Retail, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Food & Beverages, Automotive, Services, Travel, Retail, Data and Communication industries for a 2-days long meeting in Paris, France. This particular event is the annual largest European gathering of experts on Chinese consumer trends, digital and mobile tech marketing. Created for the top-level Western marketing and digital decision makers who wishes to have a better understanding of the Chinese market and its highly developed tech-industries, China Connect invited the most influential Chinese internet players and marketers based in Greater China and APAC region to come and give insights and learnings on how to engage and how to sell globally to Chinese consumers.


This 9th edition is centered over the new retail industry of China, also known as “The Experience Economy”, which dives us into the country’s technology driven, innovative and uniqueness-at-scale market place. Its achievements and on-going forward-thinking concepts redefine experiential marketing as the West knew it, quickly driving businesses into the world of social commerce in order to overcome the challenges arising from dealing with increasingly tech-savvy, travelled and discerning Chinese consumers.


As indicated, User Experience is key in nowadays marketing conception and this way of doing business have opened up opportunities never seen before, allowing companies to provide services and digital-driven solutions in an innovative, low-priced and super fast manner. The combination of AI & data with the rising Chinese attention and desire enables the generation of customized and adapted campaigns in order to increase consumer preference and engagement as much as possible, which is based on results that companies should allow themselves to consider.

5 Take-Aways from China Connect

  • Aelia published its duty-free prices on Jessica’s Secret (the price comparator app).

Making its prices public is a revolution for this retailer who doesn’t communicate on the prices of its products normally speaking.

  • Private message (36%) and private moments (12%) are the main recommendation channels for customer purchase, official account and moments ads ranks below them.


  • The average age of Chinese Luxury Consumers is now 25 years old.


  • Live-streaming in partnership with High-Level Athletes allowed Salomon Suunto to multiply their number of orders in China by a lot. The brand didn’t expect such results before 11/11 (Singles’ Day).


  • Coca Cola is now testing robots’ vendors in Chinese trains.


China Connect is also in Shanghai since 2017, and heads to Hong Kong in 2019

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