Interactive Augmented Reality game located at Aelia Duty-Free

For 2019 Chinese New Year, Aelia and Phoceis are offering an augmented reality game on WeChat


The Chinese New Year is fast approaching as the Year of the Pig is about to begin. In a few days, many Chinese tourists will fly out to Europe and enjoy a few days of well-deserved rest.


Chinese tourists’ arrivals continue to increase (+12% in 2019) worldwide, although it is unfortunately not the case for France, due to the “Yellow Vests” movement in particular, making the country as one of the countries to benefit the least from this trend (+2% only expected in our country).


Phoceis Asia’s Travel Retail business is growing rapidly, and we have just launched an augmented reality game in Rome and Prague airports accessible via the social network WeChat.



This attached picture of the game shows its implementation in-store with a consistent merchandising which adapts to the challenge: Chinese tourists are that important for Western Duty-Free shops.


The game offers customers the opportunity to “hunt” for Hong Bao (the traditional red envelopes that Chinese people exchange during Chinese New Year) in augmented reality, based on a model that has become popular with the game Pokemon Go.


The customer has the possibility to “virtually” open 2 envelopes found in random digital manner while travelling in the store, and to choose one of the coupons they contain. This coupon can then be used directly at the checkout when buying products from the store.


Similarly to this mode of operation, more traditional couponing campaigns aimed at Chinese customers were launched in other stores notably in Prague and Madrid.


Let the game begin!

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